Technical Description

The integrated service, the IT messages management (SMS), is provided in its entirety by ILYDA through:

  1. The Messages Management Operation (SMS) via the offered SMS software, provides direct communication and information of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, company executives, partners, etc.) when making certain movements into subsystems of MegaTron ERP software or Dioscourides ERP.

    It also provides the ability to send mass messages (to lists of mobiles) helping update on the company's activities, new products, events, etc.

  2. The implementation of the application is independent of the provider chosen by the company, giving users through the configuration screen, the ability to define the mandatory fields required by each provider and the actions that can be performed. Required fields are at least, the user ID (username), keyword (password), and the name of the sender (name that will be displayed as sender (from) upon receipt of the message).

    Each communication protocol defined by the provider may require additional mandatory fields that can be configured and defined through MegaTron ERP or Dioscourides ERP.

    The activities and movements that each protocol provides, can be described in detail in MegaTron ERP or Dioscourides ERP and always matched to the specifications laid down for each of them.

    For example, sending a message requires in addition to the originally required fields (username, password) additional required fields, such as recipients and message text.

    Naturally, it contains several non-mandatory fields such as:

    • type of SMS (flash, Unicode),
    • date of dispatch of the message, etc.

    Other effects may be:

    • Message reference,
    • Question of Shipping Cost
    • Question of Balance
    • Account Renewal etc.
  3. The SMS software also includes, among other things, a monitoring console of the account,  providing various information, such as:
    • Historical list of messages that have been sent,
    • Account Balance, non-received messages with filters:
    • Sender
    • Recipient
    • Dates
    • Type of action, etc.

    The proposed SMS has the ability to record and store pre-defined messages, separated into categories for better management and sending them into categories of recipients, which can be selected using multiple filters, checking the correctness of each mobile number.

    Also, messages can be sent to mobile numbers in different countries using the prefix of each country that is registered separately in each recipient's tab.

  4. Each subsystem of SMS that has been linked to messages management, has special customization, in order to meet the communication needs required by the company.

    More specifically,

    • In the "Manage Invoice - Orders", messages are related to document level and have the ability to integrate parametrically and easily from the same user, each element (or value-information) of the document, in the text of the message.

    Also, the message can be sent under conditions and of course to several recipients (eg Invoice / Consignment should be sent to the client, the relevant sales manager, the production's manager, etc. if the amount exceeds 1000 pieces).

  5. In the subsystem of "Service", messages are connected on action codes with selective sending for actions such as cost budget, receiving a device, the expected arrival of a replacement etc.
  6. In the subsystem of "CRM", linking messages with the statements of the sales cycle to a prospective client with information concerning goods / services that the company expects to sell.
  7. In the subsystems of "Financial Management (Accounting, Securities, Accounts-Payments)" updating of stakeholders for information such as balances, the bond issue with all data, information on analytical catholic balance, etc.).
  8. In the subsystem of "Consumer Card" informing customers about special offers provided by the card, for the applicable bonus and the amount of points remaining, etc.

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