The Company was established on 22/10/2010 as a company of software development and distribution, called ANYFANTAKI LYDIA & Co by Mrs. Anyfantaki Lydia and Mrs. Dura Vasiliki with the distinctive title «FLEXWARE Innovation Systems». The ACCI Registry number, which the company acquired at its establishment is 914769/2010.

The company's headquarters are in Athens Chalandri, Agias Varvaras 4, in a rented apartment.

The company's objective is the design and development of information technology applications and advanced technology  services in the field of information technology, with emphasis on software development.

The experience of the workforce of «FLEXWARE Innovation Systems» on development, deployment and support of software is certainly not great, but it guarantees the solvency and professional credibility of the company.

The key elements of the human resources of the company are:

  • Knowledge and experience in application development
  • Knowledge of international standards relating to the requirements of open systems
  • Knowledge of integrated methodological approach which the company utilizes, in order to develop projects
  • Excellent knowledge of software development tools, which the Company has chosen (.Net, C + +, Visual Basic, J + +, Delphi)
  • Excellent knowledge of modern database RDBMS, which the company uses (Oracle, MS-SQL, Sybase)

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