General Description

The SMS messages management aims to directly inform customers about issues related to the availability of your product or service integration (eg repair device).

Such updating of your client is achieved by automatically sending SMS (to the client) upon satisfaction of the conditions you set in the configuration of the software (eg the receipt-purchase of products which where not available when requested by the customer).

The SMS software works on the existing software and utilizes all of the associated information required in order to avoid double-entry of data.

The SMS software can be used in the following cases:

  • To inform your customers on the availability of products that were not available when requested by them.

    Example: In pharmacy a customer requested certain drugs that were not available. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, it is absolutely necessary right after the supply of these drugs to alert the patient that the drugs are available and that they can come to the pharmacy and get them.This updating process can be done automatically by sending an SMS with the relevant SMS message, without the pharmacist to look and have the concern of informing the patient.

  • Bulk customer update.

    Example: A pharmacy received vaccines for influenza and should directly inform the vulnerable groups.This process can be performed automatically by the SMS System.

  • Informing customers about a service completion which was not clearly set at the assignment stage.

    Example: An electrical appliances workshop was assigned with the repair of a device, but can not determine the exact time of repair due to the required supply of spare parts.The SMS system directly upon completion of the repair, can send an SMS message and alert the customer of the completion of the repair and any other necessary information such as the cost of repair.

  • Promotional and other marketing actions.

    The SMS System can respond and provide automatic updating of customers about promotions, launching an advertising campaign, other events concerning the company (eg, company relocation, change of working hours, etc.).

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